About Me

By Chris Feher

About Me

I am currently a full time Software Engineer at Google. Photography has been a serious hobby of mine for ten years or so and I have done various amounts of professional work. My passion genre is street and fine art as well as taking pictures of pets. For roughly a year, I shot portraits professionally as a small part of my previous job which is reflected in my portraits portfolio.

What's the deal with Dr. Fear? Well, it's a nickname; it was given to me by my lovely friends at Boltmade. Before I started working there, they mispronounced my last name as "fear" rather than "fair" and thus the brand was born. One of our extremely talented visual designers, Blake Stevenson, drew up the logo and the rest is history.

I have setup this site in a rather unconventional way, I am using instagram to showcase my portfolio because it is easier for me to manage, and it reflects the way that most people consume and share images. Social media is an important aspect of every day life and you should find a photographer that understands that.

I like to put my engineering philosophy into my photography. I have a highly technical approach which allows me to have a complete understanding on how to get the highest quality image given the equipment and the environment.

I also have a passion for film photography, I shoot with a 60 year old Leica M3 and develop all of my own colour and black and white film. Consider mentioning you are interested in having a film shoot done and we can work something out. The picture of myself on this page is an example of one of those images.